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Thanks Kruppy... can't wait to get the issue !!!!! By the way do you agree with their findings?? "mind you I haven't read it yet"
Montage review

Unfortunately I can't personally comment, I do not own Montages (I have SL3s) nor have I listened to them (alougth I'd love to).

The review was both positive and negative. The reviewer was concerned about bass and cabinet issues with certain music, but was pleased with other types. I was going to post the conclusion of the review, but was concerned about spoiling it for those with subscriptions. It's a somewhat short review though.

Wayne, I can pdf it to you tomorrow if you want, just let me know.
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I used to subscribe to all the Audio/HT magazines before but have recently just let them go because even though the reviews may be valid and informative they appear just too late in the game. Some products they review have already been discontinued or replaced with a newer model and even they admit to it in their reviews.

It is nice too look back and see all the Martin Logan reviews and other peices of equipment that you own or are thinking of buying used. ;)

Can I see the review too Kruppy?

No problem.

I won't be able to post or send anything out until tomorrow when I get into work. I don't have access to a scanner at home.

I agree with you on the magazine reviews. The only reasons I signed up for Stereophile is that it only cost me $10 for a year subscription. I also get TAS and The Perfect Vision. My wife found some deal where we get Home Theater and Sound and Vision free for a year. I'm a bit of an information junkie now that I have got back in to HiFi in addition to trying to keep up with the Blue-ray and HD DVD war about to happen.
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I hope something does come out of these format wars but it will be a tough battle because DVD is so popular right now. Look at how big DVD-A and SACD became.... :D

I have seen the Summit ads in Stereophile so I hope they do a formal review of it soon.

I was most impressed with Ultimate Audio especially when the Prodigy won product of the year :D
I was at a magazine store prerusing the home theater mags and came across a review of the Voyage in one of the new ones. Sorry don't remember the name (not very helpful, am I?).
pdf files are on the way

Erice and Wayne,
The pdf files are on the way.

I can't locate your email address. Can you send it to me?
On the way!

Email is on its way.

Wayne and EricE,
Did you guys get it? Total size is about 1.6 meg.
Thanks Kruppy !!!
I got it and read it when I got home this morning after working, will reread it when I am really awake and will make a few comments.. Good Man !!!!!
No problem

I'm happy to help out.

Once you re-read it you'll find that there's going to be a follow up in, I think, next months issue.
Thanks Kruppy I got it this morning. Good read durring lunch today :D
I would appreciate if someone could send me a copy of the article as well. Thanks.
From Home

Unless someone beats me to it, I can send you the pdf files tonight from home. I'm currently at work and have the files on my pc at home.