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Aug 4, 2005
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Hi, new to group, so please excuse if formatting is off.

In addition to complete albums/cd's are there specific songs that you like just because they sound so good on ML's?

Lately, I've enjoyed just listening to Johhny Cash's 'Hurt' and Nancy Sinatra's 'Bang Bang' from the Kill Bill soundtrack. Have to admit the Zanfir piece from Kill Bill even sounds really good too.

If you were making a cd of great songs to hear through Logans, what would you choose?


Aerius I & Cinema owner
Delicate acoustic, jazz and live music seem to thrive.

Hard rock may come across to polite at times, but something with depth and character from Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake and Palmer or King Crimson is truly a wonderful thing to experience.
Too many to list, so I'll offer one that you may not have heard... of course a very subjective question.

And for those interested, I wouldn't mind sharing a few files through the net.

My pick: Indigo Girls- Kid Fears
Most of my CDs are Rock, bought them 20 years ago. So now i'm a little wiser and can appreciate Great Music. I love Blues, BB King one example, i have a Eric Claptons 24 nights live at Albert Hall i never knew it sounded that great. Classical that one i'm having a hard time to choose , anybody know a good sampler, speaking of good sampler Burmester has a great one. But i'll tell you once in while, when i get home late from work and want to hear some good ROCK nothing beats AC/DC Back in Black :cool:
chris03053 said:
Classical that one i'm having a hard time to choose , anybody know a good sampler, speaking of good sampler ....

Trouble with samplers, is that it was someone's opinion on what they thought would be good. The best way to try out some classical, to see what you like, is through streaming audio services, like Rhapsody or others. That way you can listen to a BUNCH of classical and find what you like the best.

Without a service like Rhapsody, I never would have found the classical era that I now like the best which is Baroque and some Romantic. I have also found that I do not like any type of singing classical at this time... :)