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Feb 11, 2005
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Title Saw & Saw 2
Year of Release:2004
Film Studio: Lion's Gate
Genre: Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Detailed review of recording.

If you liked the move 'Seven', then you're gonna love this film Not sure how I missed these coming out but glad I saw them both. I think this amazon reviewer gives a more than accurate description of the fim so I'll post his comments.

ith some of the PG-13 tripe coming out as horror nowadays, SAW is a refreshing step back into the good old days where horror meant blood, and blood meant horror. No annoying harpies or pretty pictures of hell or tragically humanized vampires here, just an ingenious killer with an obscure motive.

SAW dives right into the depths of the madness too, opening with our killer's current victims, two men chained on opposite ends of a filthy restroom, a body in the center clutching a cassette player and a handgun. Each man is given a tape to play, which provides him with a nice dilemma to ponder during his captivity. The background of the killer and the events leading up to the men's current situation unfolds nicely during narrated recollections and well-placed flashbacks, while the actual motive stays hidden underneath the obvious delight the killer derives from the simple pleasures of torture.

Because SAW also brings to film an excellent `Whodunnit?', I am not going to elaborate on the storyline any further. Suffice to say that Cary Elwes and Danny Glover give excellent performances (Elwes surprising me since I have only seen him in comedy roles), the photography is good, the killing methods tasty, the blood not really overdone but still dosed out well, and the plot sustainable.

Lets face it fans, we don't go to horror movies to learn how to do decoupage, we go to get scared and grossed out. SAW fulfills that primal hankering, leaving you to utter `blech' and `bravo' in the same troubled breath, and wondering what your punishment would be like under the careful ministrations of this psychopath.

Aficionados of the genre are going to love SAW's mixture of gore, insanity, ingenious traps, and filth, while non-lover's of the theme should stick to `Sleepless In Seattle' and other such ilk. SAW put the taste of terror and gore back in my mouth, something that has been lacking in some of the recent sugar-coated intruders into this bloody domain.



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Dec 27, 2004
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Hi Sugar,

Loved both of these movies also, but will disagree with your comment regarding Cary Elwes' performance in the first one. I thought it was horrible - he was not believeable in any part of it.

I have heard this from several other people too and it brings up a very good discussion as to why he sucked because he IS a good actor (Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies).

Saw was a very low budget film and my theory is that he somehow got roped into playing the part and didn't really think anyone would see it. In actuality, the movie didn't have much advertising behind it and most of it's success was from word of mouth. After it left theaters, this buzz gathered up some steam and DVD rentals and sales were off the charts which fueled the sequel.

Anyway, I really enjoyed both of these movies - of course the first one was better IMHO.. Fresh idea and very twisted plot.
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Also liked them both, the first was probally better but the ending of the second also had a nice little twist.


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Jan 4, 2005
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Along these lines, has anyone seen "Hostel". Good story, and good gratuitous gore as well as nudity (what more can one ask for).

If you like the genre, I'd recommend it highly