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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Title: The Terminal “Three-Disc Limited Edition” (DTS)
Year of Release: 2004
Film Studio: DreamWorks Pictures
Genre: Drama / Comedy

This warm and touching dramedy, is heartwarming and funny. Depicting the fate of Viktor Navorski, played to perfection by Tom Hanks, who gets caught-up and lost in the bureaucracy between his eastern European country of origin and the USA. This film was based on a real life story… Tom Hanks’s character cannot go back to his country of origin and he cannot enter the USA. So, this film is about his adventures / trails and tribulations living his life in the JFK airport. The film movingly shows the day-to-day, survival of Mr. Navorski. The performance given by Mr. Hanks, showing Mr. Navorski’s loves and losses his victories and his defeats is wonderful to behold. Mr. Hanks shows his wonderful style of accomplished acting, through portraying the character of Mr. Navorski. The main character’s persistence and dogged determination is magnificently acted, by Tom Hanks. Catherine Zeta-Jones does an admirable acting job as Mr. Navorski’s love interest. I just loved how the film showed, Mr. Navorski’s efforts to live in and cope with an intolerable situation. Mr. Navorski is a survivor. He has to learn and learn rather quickly, the English language, and this was accomplished in the film so smoothly and forth rightly.

Steven Spielberg directed this film and as usual did fine job. Steven Spielberg is great at telling, ‘human’ stories, and with this film he tells the funny, exasperating, and at times poignantly, movingly tragic / sad story of Viktor Navorski. Stanley Tucci, as the head of airport security and Chi Mc Bride, as the airport janitor provide superb comic style for Tom Hanks to play around and with. They give very good supporting performances. Ultimately, “The Terminal’s” comic sweetness comes from the great acting of Tom Hanks. Why do we care about Viktor Navorski, because of Tom Hanks’s acting, is so interesting, subtle and flawless. I love to watch Tom Hanks act, but especially in comic roles, because that is where he really started and where his can shine so brightly. :D Mr. Hanks is a very physical actor / comedian, and it is just wonderful to see him at his very best in, “The Terminal”. One of my favorite scenes is where he is trying to get comfortable, in an abandon wing of the terminal, trying to sleep on airport bench seating, seats. Again, Mr. Hanks's physical humor is perfectly timed and simply exquisite.

During “The Terminal” the entire film takes place at the JFK terminal, in New York. Ninety-nine percent of the film, however, was of course not shot in, New York or JFK. “The Terminal” was filmed in a manufactured to look like. ‘JFK - terminal’, mock-up, which was built, in a huge, old abandon airport hanger, located in city of Ontario, California. The reason, I know this is because of the bonus DVD disc, which comes with this great “Limited Edition” three disc DVD set. The DVD bonus disc’s featured materials are very good, in giving you, a behind the scenes view of how, “The Terminal” was crafted. As an extra added treat, and to complete this fantastic set, the third disc, in the set is, “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” CD, of “The Terminal”, music composed and conducted beautifully by Steven Spielberg’s friend, colleague, and longtime collaborator, John Williams. Although, the DVD feature film “The Terminal” is offered in DTS sound, the CD of the soundtrack is not offered in DTS sound, just regular CD stereo. The DTS sound of the DVD film, however, is more than adequate to make all of your ML speakers sing.

Actually, the other reason I enjoyed, “The Terminal” so much was because, my father and my stepmother were extras in this film. My dad was the, old guy in the crowd, wearing a hat and coat. My stepmother was the old lady, with red hair, wearing a large blue coat. They were in the film, here, there and throughout the course of the film. They were extras in the back ground, people traveling through and populating, “The Terminal”. They said it was a lot of fun working on this film, except for the long days of work. Sometimes they would be at the set for sixteen hours. The extra money was pretty good too… They said Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg were very friendly and worked very close together. My dad said the crew swarmed around Tom Hanks like bees, helping, assisting and attending to him. My Dad and stepmother enjoyed their experience. They are retired and live near by, so they had a blast working as extras in the film.

Recommending this very entertaining film, to everyone is easy to do, because this film is so much fun to experience as well as watch. :D

:D HT relaxed, comfortably surrounded in ML bliss, until next time, let the movies turn you on…




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