Right SL3's LED does not come on.

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Mar 12, 2005
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Apple Valley, CA
Just got the SL3s (used of course). I love these speakers! Unfortunately the right speaker's bottom LED does not come on anymore. The speaker is still performing magnificently so I am sure that power is still going to the stator. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I would recommend calling Jim Powers at Martin Logan and i am sure he will have a answer for you. good luck
Just when I was about to call Martin Logan, the LED started working again. Heh!
So I assume that the LED is to let the listener know that music is going to the stator assembly but that is just a guess.

Does anyone know the true purpose of the LEDs on Martin Logan speakers?
If it is anything like the Sequel II's, which it is, I believe it is just there to let you know that the power board/supply is working. This is the circuit board that supplies the voltage/current to the panel. What it sounds like to me is the LED is just about to go to where all old LED's go, LED heaven. I am sure ML can tell you what rating the LED is and where to get one. I understand and have seen the newer versions and they are a cobalt blue and not red that was on the Sequel power boards. I am guessing the SL3's, since they were the replacement for the Sequels, were also red

Good Luck.

Just my worthless opinion. :rolleyes:

One of my SL-3's has a wonky LED as well. Sometimes it is as bright as it should be; sometimes it is completely off. Usually, however, it is just weakly on. It's been like this since the day I demo'd them and purchased them used over a year ago. I never notice any difference in the sound, so I figured it's just a dying LED and hasn't bothered me enough to research replacing it. (Although if I did get around to it, I would replace the stock red LEDs with blue ones.)

I, for one, would be interested in hearing what you do about it.

faulty contact...

Hola chicos....well I think that you have an intermittent contact at the PCB led's connector. Sometimes it is better to take off the woofer from the cabinet, and from there, follow the Led's cable to its connector. With the help of a small blade screw driver, tight and secure again the screws. Hope this can help!
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