ReQuest small (but significant) tweaks

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I was purusing through the adds @ AudioGon when I remembered a couple small "tweaks" I did to my beloved but now gone ReQuests, that I thought I would pass on to those parties interested.

1st - I mounted a C-10 Tekna Sonic vibration absorber to that nice flat open panel on the back of the woofer module. These things work great - really tightened up the bass and allowed the woofer to better "sing" with the panel. Can be purchased at Music Direct, Acoustic Sounds, Audio Advisor. Only about $120. a pair

2nd - Purchase/add the newer ETC spikes from Logan.

3rd - After final speaker placement, I put a nice thick black cloth, cut about 12" diameter on the top of the woofer module, and VERY CAREFULLY placed about (3) 25 lb. cast iron plates on each speaker. I used velcro (the "fuzzy" side) in radial strips on each plate to prevent vibration. This helps DRAMATICALLY to stabilize the image, and further cleans up & tightens the bass.

Lastly, anyone in the market for these great speaks -- there is a really nice pair of cherry trim ReQuests at 'Gon as of today 12/2/05 (no affiliation) :D .

Happy listening & Holidays!