Q: Bel Canto e.One amplifiers - any experience or opinions?

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Aug 6, 2006
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Having performed my Internet research I am now interested in what people here know about this series. For instance, would it make sense to go for the REF1000 instead of the smaller models?

The 1000ASP inside is the only ICEpower module for which I found references to 2 Ohm stability. Some information on the 'net seems to imply that the modules below the 500ASP do not share this ability. Given that our ES panels' impedance drops to nearly 1 Ohm at high frequencies, this is a point of concern for me. Should it be or not?

Another point of concern is that reviews tend to attribute ICEpower based amps with a "forward presentation". I am not quite sure what that means but suspect I may not like it. Who can shed some light on this?

Lastly, does anyone know how stock or customized the ICEpower modules in Bel Canto e.One amps are? I am in the middle of an email exchange with Bel Canto, but this is a questions I'd rather not ask, or not just yet. Rotel's ICEpower offerings are probably stock, which would mean they are way overpriced. Acoustic Reality claim that their 2007 models are customized for better performance. Well. Bel Canto make no claims either way. Could mean anything...

And if you don't have the facts I'd still like to hear your opinion.

For those who have not heard of this line of amps, check this: