Prodigy vs. Ascent i with placement restrictions

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Currently have Ascent i's but still dream of getting a pair of Prodigy's.

My concern is placement. My Ascent's panels are 30" away from the wall behind them. This is due to furniture placement. This is pretty much non-negotiable. The rest of the room is quite large.

With this placement restriction am I spinning my wheels by thinking about going with the Prodigy's?

I intially posted this over on AA but remembered this forum.
have you ever seen the prodigy's in person? they're freakin HUGE. i also have ascent i's and i can honestly say that prodigy's are almost double the ascent's size. as for room placement, you can have them exactly where your current ascent's are, but they will sound better farther away. the beauty of ml's is that they can be fairly close to surrounding walls and still perform amazingly. but when you give them air to breathe, then they really shine.
I don't think the distance to the rear wall is the significant difference between the Ascent and the Prodigy. Side wall placement is probably more significant due to the Prodigy's size. I had the same quandry as you. Ultimately opted for a pair of Summits.
although not an expert witness...

I'll give you my two cents...I'm a Prodigy owner who's room is wayyyy too small (I must keep blaming the room size less the words "the speakers are too big" may slip 'tween me lips ;) in my 12 x 12ish room they still sound amazing.....and if you can find a set you can afford...i say JUMP!!!

good luck and have fun! Pogue