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Anyone seen a retail price on the Voyages yet? I'm building a small dedicated theater and I'm thinking of using those as the center, rears, sides.
Just read your inquiry and double checked Audio Review... I was looking a ML reviews. They show no reviews as of yet but do show a MSRP of $1995.00 and that is per speaker, I can't seem to the price on the smaller in wall, I know I saw it somewhere... when I do I'll post it.
Bonedust....... If you haven't seen it yet the Jan-Feb issue of the Robb Report's Home Entertainment magazine has some info and a review of both of the new inwalls........ Regards
Here are the only two links i found in regards to ML in walls.



I am considering a set of the Voyage in walls for my main and a passage for the center and 2 rear speakers.

I listened to the passage speakers briefly at a local store but they were a demo unit the the ML rep left them. The small room and the setup they had them in showed that they truly do have a sweet spot. But overall they sounded good for the mids and upper, but definately lacked the low end for jsut listening to music.

I havent been able to listen to the Voyage set, and maybe with 2 8" drivers instead of the 6 1/2" of the passage they would probably be a better match for my main speakers. However at $2k a pop that is a big jump from the $750 of the passage. For $4k I bet i could get a much better speaker than than the voyage in a free standing model.