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Dick Möller

Hi everyone,I have a question: today i have downloaded the Summits owners manual just to see the connections and controls at the back.
I expected to see a normal set of speaker connectors and an XLR or cinch line input with an attenuator for the build in amp.
but there are only 2 sets of speaker inputs at the back.
can somebody explain to me how this works? :confused:
Speaker level inputs. . .


This will be using the same principle as some subs, where the input is through a 'speaker level' connection - i.e. the amplifier takes a speaker signal as the input, instead of the more normal line level inputs. Of course on a sub you then also get a gain control, which I guess will not be present on the summit.


I saw the pictures of the back of the Summit and there are 3 knobs in the back. I assume these knobs are for the subwoofer section of the speaker. If you want the LFE channel going through the Summits you are going to have to set this up in your receiver/processor and then use the knobs to fine tune the subwoofer.

I actually would like this setup since you save money on a subwoofer and less space is used up in your home theater. Some people say that this limits your placement options for best bass response since placement for best bass is not necessarily the best placement for midrange and treble; but, I think that having 2 subwoofers has more benefits to the sound (smoothing out room modes and frequency response, more output, etc.) that in many cases will outweight the placement issue.
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