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Percent time you listen to Two Channel Audio vs. Home Theater use

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week in week out

I find that it truly depends on how much free time I have to allot toward my viewing or listening pleasure. If I have alot of time I will enjoy a nice film from the collection and then listen to music. I enjoy both so much, but lately being busy I find myself listening to more music as it is not as time intensive, well it can be. When I watch a movie I hate distractions, its called a Home THEATER for a reason, I try to treat it as such, no cell phones *vibrate* and no interruptions. Although I also try to do this with music, at least the first time I listen to an album.

Lots of time =movies

Time spread out =music
When I started with my SL3 speakers I built a 5.1 system in a small beach house but once I moved into a 2 story house there was no place to put it. Also my wife didn't like the many buttons to make the system fuction because I was running 2 channel with a 5.1 by-pass. Therefore I sold the Logos and Scripts, bought mono blocks for the speakers and added a sub for stereo mode. I get better cleaner sound, less hum, less power shortage, etc...plus we made an in-wall 5.1 system in the other room that is WAF easy. Another issue, we watch older movies that don't require a full on 5.1
2 channel HT

After having a 7.1 ML system I went back to a 2 channel with stereo subs. The center might not be as clear but it sounds great. Building my room like and instrument and then "controlling" the sound works much better to me than taking a 'Martin guitar' and stuffing it full of pillows (ie sound abosorbing)
Both equally.

I listen to both about the same.I always listen to music in stereo though.:rocker:
:rocker:I find that I like Surround, but it's not that important to me. I prefer accurate stereo reproduction, so I do all my listening in stereo. :rocker:
It's about 50/50 for me though I am looking for ways to improve improve my 2 channel sound. We watch a lot of movies but I still love to kick back and listen to CD's or music streamed from my Mac (recorded in Apple lossless).
The movies/music video is a shared experience while the two channel listening is mostly me.