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Jan 3, 2005
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Research Triangle, NC
I'm not really trying to start a thread here about HDTV's, that's a bit too off topic. I assume that there are forums similar to this for HDTV reviews in general and brand owners in particular. Post some URLs if you have them. I know the generalities of HDTV (CRT, plasma, LCD, projectors, etc.) and the coming techologies, but haven't really looked into the details of recommended brands, pros/cons, etc. and would like to read up on it more. Any pointers would be appreciated.
Robin said:

This site is spacifically for HDTV:


Enjoy, Though, "Holographic Television", is the next big Technology, coming in the future...



Did you know that "Holographic" cell phones are right around the corner? I have one of those ones that does email and all that stuff. It has "Outlook" on it and Word & Excel. The next one out is suppossed to have a holographic keyboard! I remember my dad talking about "Solid State" electronics and how they were going to revolutionize the electronics industry. Things are changing so fast. I remember when a tall tree, a rope, & a tire where all you needed to make the most fun toy of all.