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SugarMedia said:
I bought five cd's from the above place last night.

Acoustic Sounds is ok when looking for stuff that is hard to find. But usually Amazon will have it too. Just have to compare prices as Acoustic can be high priced at can Amazon with some things. Key is to shop around, find what you want for the best price and best shipping costs (free shipping with Amazon if you are not in a hurry).

Tower has free shipping on orders over $20.

CD Universe also has nice selection of both music and DVD's.

And for music only, has most albums for $5.99 w/free shipping. Not the greatest selection by any means, mostly latest greatest stuff, and a few SACD's.
Recently I have purchased quite a few DVD's from an ebay seller including the Doobie Brothers, Earth Wind & Fire and Styx among others. He carries a wide variety of artists with fair prices and quick shipping.

His ebay id is DVDPLUS