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Jan 5, 2005
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Its suppose to be revealed this weekend at the CES,will someone post pics?
I do hope the look and sound is revolutionary. I never warmed up to the current look of the Prodigy.

I think it is smart that the new speaker will have powered subs. Electrostatics have power cords ,smart idea to use it to power the panel and something a subwoofer.
for me, a powered section would kill the speaker. that takes 50% of the tunability out of it. you can no longer pick and choose speaker cable or amplification to that portion of the speaker. if a speaker in going to be in the 10k+ club, it be tter let me pick what drives it.
I agree with Bonedust, I too hope it doesn’t have a powered sub.
Martin Logan hasn’t released any official specs on it yet, so I hope that was just a bad rumor. :confused:
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I did get to talk with a dealer who was priviledged to hear them awhile ago. He said that he does get to "beta" test from time to time. He said that the new X-Stat were amazing. The way it was described to me was it was a combination in technology of what Arnie Nudell of Infinity had done early on and what ML has done with their panels. It was stated that instruments, partcularly classical instruments, seem to be more present and "there" than before with greter clarity. I did not get too much more from this genetleman since it was in a phone conversation. He did not mention anything about a powered woofer in these speakers. I guess we will have to wait and maybe Roberto can give us his opinion when he returns.

I hope it looks similar to an enlarged Clarity..............A speaker that expensive needs more natural wood.

Thanks for the responses,what day of the CES is the speaker to be revealed?

Couldn't agree more with the last post here. The Prodigy sounds great, but that bass driver section is way to deep for many rooms. For most of us, a speaker has to look reasonably stylish and fit well into the room. Prodigies just can't do that in many houses over here (UK), 'cause our rooms are not as big as in many other counties.

Can't wait to see what they're doing for the new range though, and it'll be interesting to see how long it takes for the new technologies to filter down to the lower level 'stats.


Re: New Centre Speaker

Has anyone any news regarding the new centre replacement for the Theater I? Apparently they were announcing at CES 2005?

replacement Prodigy

The three of us are at the CES right now. Two of us has been at the ML room and spent some time already. Seen the new speaker and know exactly what they looks like and sound like. However, no picture taken is allowed and they don't know whether they are allow to tell anyone anything. Bummer....... :(
So what do they sound like???

Details man, :D imagine that we are a bunch of 13 year olds and one of our friends just got his first girlfriend. That is the level of details we want.
Yeah details,does it look like an enlarged Clarity?
Ok... I may get hung for this .. but they sound stunning ! Although hard to pass truly critical judgement at a show.. and would NEVER recommend that someone do this (base a product solely on a "show demo"). Also, they aren't officially "launched" so.. a few final adjustments may be made prior to actually going to market.
The new "Summit", is a radical departure for ML, both in style and implementation. I think you'll be VERY pleased when the official release happens in late March/early April.
Unfortunately we weren't permitted to get some pictures of the new Summit, but I can tell you one thing... those of you wanting Prodigy level performance (possibly better !) in a more manageable footprint will be REAL excited !
Hang tough everyone ... it's worth the wait !
Oh.. projected price (dependant on finish) will be under $10k US.
Thanks for the heads up Double D.
Well if someone try’s to hang you. Blame it on Gale Sanders, I know that’s a little harsh, but he started it a few months ago with the announcement of the new speakers. I mean you can’t tell the kids they are getting a new toy and not tell them what it is. :D