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Nov 18, 2023
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Finally, it is possible for my wife and I to say, we are now the proud and happy owners of a pair of 15a’s. Love it, and - hold on to your hats - my wife was a big part of the decision proces. She more or less demanded that the dealer and I found a sollution to keep them.

Welcome aboard!

Nice clean setup.

One small suggestion: add a 'curtain' on the right wall, matching the one on the left; it only needs to be a meter or so long and basically come up to be even with the right 15A. That will equalize the reflectivity (or lack thereof) between the left and the right, and your image will be stabilized in the middle.
Welcome Palle. You should be very happy with that pair 15A speakers.

I got to hear them for the second time last week at Georges' home. They are very capable speakers to say the least.

Let us know what your wife purchases next. :)