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I am new to the forum and am glad that I discovered it! I have an Original set of Monoliths. I have diminished levels coming out of one of the stat panals and it is probably time to replace them. I bought these guys around 1987 if I remember correctly. What other upgrades or mods would be good to do on these speakers? I have looked and have not found any upgrades or mods for the original Monoliths.

Welcome to a crazy group of people who love their speakers. LOL
I think, since I do not own a pair, there was a "mod"(?) for the crossovers and possibly something on the woofer. The best person to ask would be Jim Power at ML he is the service manager and could tell you what is/was done. I am sure the panels are still available. His email is [email protected].

When you get time take some pics of your stuff and post it for us to drool on.