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Jan 1, 2005
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Artist. Mary Black
Title. No Frontiers
Year of Release. 1989
Lable. Grapevine
Genre. Pop Female Vocalist

Just about the time of this release I was Enjoying Apogee Duettas. My local Apogee pusher had just gotten a pair of Diva's and gave me a call to come and "just listen" To make a long story short I did not but that pair but I was completely blown away by the music. He was playing Mary Black No Frontiers until that time I had not heard of her but was completely sold on her.

After that whenever I was at a record store, [still into vinyl] I would head right for the B section only to be let down seemed the only person that had her was my pusher and I could not go back there without $6000.00 in my hand.

Now I am 100% Cd and have found not only New Frontiers but all of her releases.

From the first track [title song] you are never tempted to hit forward button. Mary's Voice with a tinge of Celtic accent will pull you into the music [as all music should].

This is the disc that you will be pulling out to demonstrate just how lifelike and natural sounding your ML's are.

When the "Fog in Monterey" ends you will still be sitting hoping there is one more.

This is the kind of music that you can listen for hours on end No Bass drives or sonic spectaculars.

Try it you will like it.


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Mary Black is GREAT and this album/disc you posted is wonderful. There is another album that she has put out that I cannot find and it is called: The Collection put out in 2002. I listen to it on Rhapsody while at work and enjoy it each and every time.

Artist: Mary Black
Title: The Collection
Label: Grapevine (Europe) Import available
Year: 2002

This is a "Best of" collection and highly recommended for all who like Mary Black.

Fontiers is also an excellent choice of Mary Black for others to try out.


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I had hoped that i would not have to tell anyone about this site but check out ther are a few copies of collection. But don't tell anyone else.