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So here's the story. My mother wants me to sell some speakers she got when she bought our last house. The owners were going bankrupt and offered the speakers witht the house. These are by FAR the largest speakers i've ever seen...and they look nice as hell. Only problem is....i dont know what they are worth....or where to try and sell them....or even what to try and sell them for. SO, i was hoping you could tell me anything about them. Here is the info i have...if need be i can take pictures and post them so you can have a "visual". here goes....

Esoteric High End Stereo

Martin Logan-Speakers-Monolith ESL
Eagle 2 Power AMP and Pre Amp & Tuner R-286
Cassette Deck R-215
Harmon Kardon AVR 25 II

And that's all i can find so far. These speakers are taller than i am and fairly rectangular. So I will be selling the speakers, amps, cables, casset, everything. I mean it's like a whole package deal. They are in MINT condition. LOOK brand new! My father had them hooked up at our last house and they were AWSOME but now that my father has passed away recently Neither my mother nor I have a use for them. Please, anyhelp is appreciated and I thank you very much for reading my post.

here are the pics. :)




The third and fourth pics are where I took the covers off of the speakers to show you the inside obviously. :)

Any help is appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read my post.

wow, which monolith version are they? and would it be wise to try and sell these for 3k? or should i go more...or less? Just need some advice lol. Im so lost.

Thats a great speaker you've got. Take a good listen to it and make sure you really do want to sell them!'s just not my bag. there are two speakers and i literally have no idea what to sell them for. they are brand new except that the subs are showing a little wear. Someone told me they worth a lot...but i really have no idea what to sell this package deal for....

How anxious are you to sell the speakers?

Sugermedia posted the Audiogon link. If you're not in any rush, keep an eye out on Audiogon for a while to see how the market looks for them.

Here's the only Monoliths for sale on Audiogon:

If you have the serial numbers, somewhere on the site (I don't recall where right now) there is file with production years so that you can estimate how old they are.

Depending on the price you want, it might take a while to find the right buyer for those ginormous things.
I didnt know where to start so I posted the whole thing for 4k or better offer....did i do bad? or good? what do you guys think?

Hi Dave,

If I get this right - you've seen on the back of the speakers a little metal plate that has "Martin Logan Monolith" written on it. If that's the case, they're original Monoliths which were put out in the early 80's till 1990. See this link:

While great speakers in their own right, the latter incarnations of the Monoliths will include the EXOS crossover which will fetch quite a bit more than the original Monoliths.

Due to their age, you should expect to get 1800 to 2300 dollars for them, depending on their condition.. On the other hand, you RARELY see Monoliths on the used market anymore, so they could fetch a bit more.

You may want to get the serial numbers of the speakers AND the actual panels and contact Martin Logan directly so they can give you an idea of when they were manufactured.

Don't forget - we have FREE classified ads here on this site! Post one and see what kind of response you get.

Good Luck!

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tom, they are monolith II's

1986 is when they were made. would i be stupid to ask 4k or better offer for the whole package?

I'm not familiar with the rest of the components, but ideally you will get more if you sell them all separately.

The speakers are worth $2k IMHO. Not sure about the other stuff.