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Anthony A.

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Jan 2, 2005
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sorry for so many threads posted in the last few days. i am currently re-evaluating all my system components. just want to know what everyone uses in regards to power cords for their speakers. i tried the nordost vishnu, cardas golden reference, and transparent reference for my speakers. i choose the transparents. now i am really looking towards the lowest noise floor power cord available, that is reasonably priced. i have read good reports from marigo and synergistic a/c master coupler x series. will the x series give me th best results since it uses an MPC? any inputs are appreciated.

btw, the only reason i am thinking of upgrading the transparent is because it does not hold well in the speaker socket. for some reason, they are either too heavy or their prongs are not tight enough. the cardas i tried was very tight, the way a power cord should be.

I know how you feel I have been posting a lot too.

As far as power cords go, I can give you a recommendation based on other people's recommendation. But I do not own any ML's yet, nor have I ever tried the cord. In fact I am not even sure if I should even recommend anything - so take what I say with a grain of salt.

The cable I am talking about is the Blue Circle BC68. I am going to recommend it because I do own other Blue Circle cords which are well built AND I know Blue Circle intended the BC68 to be used with Martin Logan's and other electrostatics.

Gilbert at Blue Circle is a Martin Logan fanatic, he owns 3 pairs of CLS's some Odysees and Prodigies and Statement E2's. Other people have tried the cord and said it was the best for ML's and I believe them, because they are people who post regularly and have expensive systems. The cable its self has the equivalent of two BC86 power filters on it to ensure clean stable voltage is charging the panel so it makes sense to me why it would work.

Check it out and read the feedback and reviews on it. I am going to be buying some Aerius's that I found. In a few months when I can afford to I will probably upgrade to some BC68's myself based on what I have read.


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I am a big fan of the Synergistic Research X series power cords, There is a noticable difference in the absense of any background noise when using the SR.
Check out Vic's post here on the site in the Classified Section. He has done much testing with PC's for ML stuff. PM him if you have questions about his stuff. He is very responsive and informative about his stuff - and it is very resonably priced.

BTW, I still use my Computer Server PC's that I upgraded to from stock. I want to try out new PC's some day, but have to save up some $$$ to do that.

thanks dtb!

part of the equasion is getting a power cord that properly combats the core problem that is raising your noise floor in the first place. sounds difficult, but its not really.
I have not tried power cords extensively, but I get great results from MIT Z-Cord II, which can be had for near to nothing second hand...