Louis Clark and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Hooked on Classics

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Dec 27, 2004
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Rancho Mirage, California
Louis Clark and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestran
1981 K-Tel Records
Genre: Classical/Pop

Artist Info: Louis Clark is a classical music
maestro who straddles the worlds of classical,
rock and popular music. Louis Clark has given
classical music modern arrangements, but he considers
himself to be a musician and entertainer, not an
educator and he has been singularly successful in
bringing classical music to a much broader audience.
In 1983 Louis Clark was made an honorary life member
of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and continues to
this day to travel the globe as conductor extrordinaire.


General Comments
[size=-2]08/26/2004 Seth Valencia [/size]
Comments: "Hooked On Classics" is the first album of contemporary arrangements of classical compositions that Louis Clark recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. This album gave Louis a No. 1 single in the UK and a No. 1 Album in the United States. It was also a Top 10 hit in every major territory around the world and earned gold and platinum discs in no less than 27 countries.

Many of us probably remember listening to "Hooked on Classics" at one time or another back in the early 80's when it first came out. It's always been one of those fun kind of albums that you never really got tired of listening to. Flash forward to present day, and now even after all this time, "Hooked On Classics" is still just as fun to listen to now as it was back then. Good music never goes out of style. When I listened to this album again (this time on CD) nearly twenty three years later, I was very surprised at just how good it sounded! Even though the music is old, it doesn't sound old. Playing these works again, this time on Martin Logan's, was very enjoyable. The sound quality on CD is surprisingly good, and with upbeat classical melodies like these, you can't go wrong. Each and every one of these delightful works are just fun to listen to. I can't pick out certain ones because they're all great. From Track 1 "Hooked On Classics (Parts 1 & 2) all the way to Track 9 "Hooked On A Can Can", this album is not only a nostalgic trip back in time, but a very fun trip as well. Good sound and good music.