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Mar 15, 2005
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Hi Everyone,
I am in the process of relocating my Aerius i's to the rear of the room,
which means I need either long speaker cables,
or long interconnect cables to feed the amplifier located at the rear of the room, whith short speaker cables.

What are the pro's and con's of doing either?

what type of cables should I be looking at if I go the interconnect route?

Appreciate the help
I'm part of the traditional long speaker wire short interconnect crowd, works for me.

Nordost Blue Heaven IC's and speaker wires all around.

However I've been taking a keen interest in shielding both active and passive. Having a recent requirement for a 2 meter turntable to phono/preamp interconnect (RCA to RCA) lead me to select Cardas Neutral reference "PHONO" interconnect. I'll get it in a week (The Cable Comany) and post my sonic results - very excited about this upgrade.

Nordost is unshielded, and goes crazy when faced with a tiny phono signal and long run - giving me something to think about. This has never been a problem with anyother situation Nordost faced - went with Nordost because it's supposed to take long runs with ease.

I am 5.5 or 6 meter run with the speaker wire and it's very fast, very clear. Just have to put a carpet pad top and bottom to protect it should you decide to slip it under the carpet.
Most things that I have read is longer IC's and shorter speaker cables. I am sure other will jump in here with their opinions :)

For myself I use long shielded DIY IC's (18' & 16') to run from PreAmp to Power Amps.

Thanks for the replies so far,
I appreciate them,

I look forward to hearing from others about this dilema. :D

I think DTB300 has a vaid point and good understanding in that he uses shielded IC's for his long run IC's. The preamp to amp signal is stronger than a phono signal, but still vulunerable to radio interference.

I think where you get away with nonshielded long runs is with speaker wires because of the much stronger signal being passed.

Both schools of thought "win" (sound good) when done properly.
I'm running maybe 50' long IC's from the processor to the front amp but those are HT signals and do not require the ultimate in resolution and or other audiophile traits. I also run a 50' length of SP cable for the front center channel and have had no problems either.
I like to use the shortest interconnects I can and make up for it with long speaker cables.

The reason why is because interconnects carry a low voltage single (about 1.2V) to the amp. Depending on the resistance of the interconnects, the single will fall off faster compared to an amps high current single.

Garbage in garbage out. I dont want to run my interconnects so long garbage gets in and amplified out. :D