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Jul 31, 2005
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I have found a pair of Ascent I's one year old original owner in great shape(local). There a little more than I've seen some go (he wants $2600)for but I like the idea of no shipping issues to deal with. I see non I Ascents going for around $2200. Are the I's worth the extra money? Let me know asap as I'm losing will power by the second and will probably own them by the end of the night.
I would go for the i’s. The little money you would save with getting a pair from audiogon or ebay you would loose from shipping.

The bass has a little more punch on the i’s, you get the clear spars on the ESL panels, other then that they are really the same. I like the aluminum driver on the "i" better then the non, but thats personal preference.
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FWIW - ML dealers are giving approximately $2,000 for a trade of Ascent is against new speakers. Considering that before they were discontinued they were selling in the $4,500 range, this seems to be on the low side to me. Possibly you can negotiate or look out on Audiogon for a better deal.

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