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Jan 2, 2005
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I am looking for a good set of interconnects for my setup which is SL3's using a Lexicon MC12, Bryston 4BST and 9BST amps, i just need one set for the 2 channel Bryston amp to my MC12 left and right front input. I do not need any for the 5 channel amp. Any suggestions? Thanks.

If it were me, I'd use the VdH 'Integration' interconnect in this scenario. It's reasonably priced and gives a fantastically neutral performance.

Unlike many of its competitors it's fully shielded, so mains interference is not a significant problem with this connection.


nordost will remove a blanket from your speakers panels. spm or quattro fil are amazing.
Recently, I tried the complete set of Nordost flatline red dawn ( speakers and interconnect wires ) and I was amazed by these.

The lucky guy's I was could buy second hand of them for a peace of bread .. hi hi hi :p

I would suggest to use the same interconnects for all the channels! It will make a definite improvement to the homogenity of the soundstage! I second Nordost. I use MIT MI-330 Shotgun Medium Impedance myself between my Lex MC-12 and Chord amplifiers. It gives a very large soundstage and they are very time-corect.