Integrating Swans w/ ML system

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Jan 1, 2005
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Bend, OR
I'm planning a modest upgrade to my ML setup and have been looking at potential candidates to serve as rear surround speakers. Due to the shape of my room, ML ESL panels are out of the question. I'm left with the Fresco, Klipsch RS-35, Swan R3 or R3P , etc.
I really don't want to spend much over $500 for a pair (I know, some of the above speakers are more than that) and am looking for some help, experiences with these speakers, other ideas, etc.
Why Swans? Have you heard them with your Logans? Are you considering wall mount dipoles, bipoles or floor/stand monopoles? I have had good luck with Axiom QS 4s ($400) for my surrounds. Frescos or Vignettes are probably best but well outside your price range.