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Mar 6, 2021
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Hello everyone
I finally decided to sell my Rega amplification that powered my Motion 20i. Well, since it is gone already, i need to finally decide the new amp.
For the story, the Rega was sold because i was not happy at all with the extra warm in the upper region and the unbalanced sound i was getting. There was luck of detail and clarity especially in the mid and high region. I have a feeling that the 20i is rolled off a bit on the top, so working together with an extra warm amplifier, it just didntt work out well for me. Lately, i added the Eversolo A6 in my system just to boost the hights a bit, but nothing
Anyhow, new integrated amplifier for me the next couple weeks ...
What i am really hoping for now is SYNERGY.
After extensive reading and viewing the past 2-3 months, I ended up with these options
Exposure 2510, Musical Fidelity 3si. Both ampliers are characterized neutral
Yamaha 1200, Atoll IN200. These integrate amps have a slight lift in the highs
I am scheduling to audition all four amps above.
Is there someone in the forum that has added any of these amps to their 20is? I would apreciate your thoughts
Thank you
You can look at Anthem and Bryston, too. Not sure about matching price points...
To be honest, i cannot justify cost of an amplifier more than the retail price of the 20is
Only way I'd spend considerably more is if I planned on upgrading to higher grade speakers later on, because then youd have to upgrade the relatively new amp. I'd rather just buy one amp and not have to sell one and buy another. You lose a lot of $ when you sell.
I've always been a sucker for the Schiit Ragnarok integrated amp, lots of power and it looks fantastic. If someone ever made something like this that integrated the DSP capabilities of my Dayton 4X8 that would be awesome.

I'm not a fan of dumping massive amounts of money into amplification, or speakers really. Lots of great options out there without spending 10K...