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I remember a few years ago seeing in the gadget section of some hifi rag a nice-looking CD stand inscribed "Now Playing." The idea of course is that a lowly home-based music fan like me could display the jewel case of their current selection just like they do in CD stores. Frivolous, to be sure, but I've always had a hankering to do this, and now I can't find the thing anywhere (likely it didn't sell and either it or the offering company bit the dust).

Is anyone connected to the music retail industry or otherwise clue-endowed about where I might locate a "Now Playing" CD stand? Many thanks in advance.
Thanks for the link, SugarMedia - I was more after a holder for a single CD that spotlights what's currently being played. I'll do a search along the lines you suggest & let you know if I come up with anything. Seems like something that should be easy enough to make for a kid in metal shop or wood shop (I'm not particular as to material as long as it looks nice).

If you have no luck, a last resort would be to call up an ad agency and ask to speak to someone in their Production department. They have extensive resources to third-party companies that can make anything we dream of.