I'm not suprised.

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Feb 11, 2005
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If true, it is so sad.... Becoming rich and famous is truely not something just anyone can handle... It goes to show, it can really mess you up, even if, you are not mess up, psychologically or emotionally, already... Jackson, grew-up, in show business, striving for fame and fortune... It is a sad situation all around, a downward spiral, for sure, especially sad, if anyone was hurt in the process...

Well the man has got to pay his lawyer and the little children off some how? HAY MIKEY, maybe it’s time for a bake sale. :D

And now, a few years later....

In March 2009, the album reached new heights in the US, following Jackson's announcement of new concerts. It peaked atop the US Pop Catalog Chart, and reached number 45 on the Billboard Comprehensive Albums chart, selling 11,000 copies that week.[3][4][5] On June 25, 2009, following Jackson's death, the album soared to #2 on the American iTunes Download chart, peaking at #1 the next day.

The set sold 102,000 units on the chart week ending July 1 2009 following Jackson's death and would ultimately become the second biggest seller of the week behind his Number Ones compilation.Essential also topped the Australian Albums Chart and was one of eight Jackson albums in the top twenty. In the UK Albums chart of 28 June 2009, the week directly following Jackson's death, The Essential returned to the UK album chart at #20 almost entirely on sales from Friday evening and Saturday (that week, Michael Jackson's Number Ones compilation topped the chart). The following week, 4 July 2009, The Essential moved up nineteen places to a new peak at the top of the charts. On 11 July, 2009 it stayed at the top for a second week, and sold well over 100,000 copies. It remained at #1 on 18 July, 25 June and for a fifth straight week on 2 August to become the longest running #1 of 2009. The album further extended it's record of 2009's longest running #1 as it remained at #1 for a seventh week on 16 August.