Hurricane Ian

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It would suck having to abandon your home and leave all of your audio equipment behind. I too hope you all get to a safe place and that in the end your home/belongings are safe.
Best wishes for a safe hunker-down time. Keep the gear unplugged, when transformers blow, they can produce huge surges.

Fingers crossed.
Perhaps also move it to higher ground too. They're calling for 20 feet of storm surge! Move to the 2nd floor high up toward the ceiling even.
Looks like those of us in the immediate Tampa Bay area "dodged a bullet." Unfortunately, those in the Sarasota to Ft. Myers region will bear the brunt of it. Wishing all of them the best. Stay safe, and don't let lightning strikes take out your gear!
I was hoping it would be less intense, but alas . . .

Hope all stay safe and healthy, and fare as well as possible through the next couple days.
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Everyone make it through ok? Looks like Fort Myers and Sarasota got a direct hit? 2.6 million now with no electricity.
We are located in the Jacksonville fl area. Lots of rain and some serious wind. A few trees down in our neighborhood. All ok here. I have experienced over 15 hurricanes and feel for the residents in south fl. My son was in Michael in Panama City fl a few years ago. Still no help from the federal government for that total destruction. I hope the areas hit get the help they need.