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Hi fellow ML owners,
I have an Aerius i (second owner) whose woofers were wired out of phase. It caused a muffled sound and got me into purchasing a McCormack power amp as I thought that it was due to my older amps' inability to drive the Aerius i properly. Reversing the bi-wire speakers cable leads at the woofer terminal helps. But somehow the muffled sound is not totally gone. Hence, I would like to ask if any of you know what measurements or connections to be made/checked to make sure that the speaker is up to spec?
How do you determine if the stator leads were reversed internally(aside from blue-blue, brown-brown, red-red)?
How do you know if any electronic part on the back plate is malfunctioning?
How do you determine if its time stator is to be replaced? How long does the stators last? :eek:
Does reverse polarity (out of phase signals affect the sound of the stators?
Does humidity reduce the longetivity of the stators?
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your best bet is to email these questions to martin logan directly and they will guide you properly. they know their speakers better than any of use over here. hope you solve the problem. cheers!!!
I agree, call Jim Power at Martin Logan , he will coach you through any posible fixes , way before he even sugests you need any new parts, a great guy.
Problem fixed: Watch electrical polarity!

Well, I thought the previous owner was a tweaker and some how messed up with the wiring. Opened up the Aerius i's woofers and back-plate. Everything is original. Noticed the the power input coding: Black-Live, White-Neutral and Green-Ground. Made sure the electrical polarity is correct for both Aerius as well as other equipments. Install proper ground.....and voila! Everything back into focus.
Took me more than a year to rectify this, as all along I thought it was break-in process, inability of amp to drive, dirty panels etc.
:D sometimes it takes a while to think things out , :rolleyes: glad to see you got them figured out C.A.P