How do I best mate ML and Blue Circle for Home Theater?

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Jan 12, 2005
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My question relates to my system, which I'm doing upgrades/tweaks to, but hoping others may find use in this slew of questions in one post that make it easier to size up how to best mate the two.

I've gotten pretty confused on the BC equipment. Mind you, they've all been absolutely fantastic so far.

My HT system consists of:

Infocus Projector
Ascent I
Theater I
Logos x 2 (rear)
Bryston Amps 6Bsst, 4Bsst
Denon DVD
Power Conditioning tweaks - Enacoms, auricaps, ERS, Audioprims, Silclear, Hospital outlets, etc. Bybees; Blue Circle Music Ring 1800
Blue Circle Noise Hounds MKII x 3
Cryoclear Power Cords
Home Grown Audio Silver lace ICs and Spkr wires

I gather from Davei's response and Blue Circle forum that:

1) ML spkrs should not be plugged into Music Rings.

2) BC68 power cords work in great synergy with ML spkrs over Using Noisehounds.

3) If already have Noisehounds; is it better to buy BC62 power cords for the equipment or buy BC68 and sell Noisehounds. Remember I already have Music Rings. Also the BC68 brings the filtering closer to the equipment.

4) Noise hounds work in complement, but no more than 20 feet away. Some benefit from outlets on other circuits, but nominal. (see point 3)

5) Are there ways to improve on the cheap power cord/adapter/cable combo that comes with the Theater I (regular theater just uses straight power cord.) Ie. Any idea if there is some kind of baby in-line filter (male/female) from Blue circle or other to use?

6) Will BC68 work with Descent/Depth subwoofer well?

7) Does BC filtering work with Video?

8) Power cords for DVD player? More radical, if I take apart the Noisehound shell and co-locate electronics directly inside DVD Player (Denons have lots of room in them), given its very close proximity, does it improve dramatically? Or not worth the work, warranty issues etc.

8) Anyone try Blue circle amps for HT and any experience? Which amps?
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Hi Marman, to try and answer your questions... I'll keep them point form in order of asking.

1) Correct, do not plug your ML's into the Music Ring or any other Balanced Power type product.

2) Correct, the BC68 works brilliantly with the Logans, there is actually more filtering in a 68 than there is in a "noisehound".

3) I would say yes to this, but you can always hang on to the noisehounds and use them as additional parallel filters.. it won't hurt ;)

4) See answer 3)

5) Hmmm... not much to offer on this one, I don't use a Theater i so, I haven't experience with it's power arrangement.

6) Absolutely ! should work real nice here.

7) Yup ! I have an older BC84 filter that I use on my vid rig, and the difference is noticeable on the picture. I originally bought it for my BC8's that I used to own, but happened to try it on my old Sony rear projection set, and it cleaned it up immensely.. needless to say, that's where it stayed.

8) not sure about this one...

9) BC still makes a multi-channel amp for HT applications. It's called the BC32. Any of their amps will do the deed in HT... one of the best I've heard used a full complement of top of the line BC AG8000's all around with Prodigy's Ascent's and Theater.. WOO HOO !!
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email the man himself! gilbert is good about responding to email and more than helpful, hopefully i did not confuse too much.
Thanks all. I'll email Gilbert and let you know of findings.