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Sep 2, 2005
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I am setting up a home theater room 12'x30' (the length will be cut down some, as I will be probably putting a 5' component room behind the screen).

I will be going with a set of Ascent i or Odyssey's for the front and will be trying to pick up a used Theater i center channel for them.

I have a friend selling a near-new Marantz 9600 fairly cheap (didn't like it) so I was thinking of starting with that to save some money and then upgrade from that at a later time.

I currently own two sets of paradigm signature ADP's (di-poles).

My question is this:

Would I be better off to go with a 5.1 system with all Martin Logan (pick up a set of script i for the rear) or do a 7.1 system with the Martin Logan front and center and use the paradigm signature ADP's?

The way I see it is the 5.1 system has the advantage of having all the speakers the same for tonal matching and it frees up two of the 9600's amps so the fronts can be bi-amped.

I think the 7.1 system would have the advantage of setting up a better sound field in the room.


Arn't HT Great!!!!


Welcome to the ML club! :D

IMHO, I think, you should go for the ML 5.1 system, to begin with, anyway... :) IMHO, I would, 'make do', with the "Paradigm Signature ADP's", for your rears, until you can replace them with a pair of ML Script i's later...

I currently, have been, 'making do' with a pair of, 'Sony towers', they are tolerable, for the time being... I do have an all ML 5.1 system, though, but I'm saving up for another pair of ML's, to complete an all ML 7.1 system, in the next 5 years. I'm concidering adding, ML "Summits" as new front speakers, and then moving my Ascent i's to the surround position. IMHO, these things take time and patience, to build a truly awesome system...

By-the-way, what are you planning to use for your subwoofer? I would highly recommend the ML "Descent" subwoofer... It's an excellent, fast / quick survo controlled subwoofer, that blends extremely well, with ML electrostatic speakers.
What do you plan to use for interconnect and speaker cabling?

Your HT plans sound very exciting... :D

Again, welcome aboard to the greatest audio web-site in the world.


I have a Paradigm Servo-15 sub that I plan to keep. It may not integrate as well with the ML speakers as it does with my current Paradigm's, but I absolutely LOVE this sub. I have heard very few big subs that go as low yet stay as musical, at least to my ears.

I haven't decided on interconnects and speaker cabling yet.

Having a dedicated room, I want a truly "enveloping" home theater system. I have no way to get a feel for how much of a difference 7.1 is over 5.1 (only one ML dealer within 600miles and they only have ML's set up as mains) After many ML demos, I've fallen in love with the ML sound, so that dictates what I do with the fronts, as it will be the only system in my house.

Due to the room being a bit narrow, it doesn't appear that there would be any ML's that would be good for the "middle room" speakers (unless I took a script and had it firing front/back rather than side/side). Also, I'm not sure how the 9600 will be on the Odyssey's or Ascent's in a single amp configuration. I'm pretty sure it would drive them well if set up for bi-amp (but that eliminates the ability for the receiver to do 7.1).

I guess what I really need to do is set up the basic system and experiment. It is difficult because the dealer doesn't stock much of the ML line, so there is no "take home and test" ability.

Thanks for the comments!
For what it's worth, in my experience, there is very little true 7.1 content out there, so I'd be inclined to settle for the 5.1 system for now.
ML's as 5.1 sound beautiful....


IMHO, my 5.1 ML's (System #57 below) sound absolutly awesome... I'm soooo very happy, I choose to purchase my Script i's about six months ago (which made my system an all ML 5.1 system), I can honestly say, Script i's are totally clear and revealingly transparent sounding. Very musical, yet dynamic with all HT special effects. And just so you know, I had never heard Srcipt i's before... It never stoped me though, I ordered / purchased them sight unseen... I took a risk, I know, but I was willing to take that risk with ML's... When buying ML's, it wasn't much of a risk, as they are the best speakers in the world, IMHO. My local, "Magnolia HIFi", dealer did not stock Script i's either... However, I did know what ML's sounded like, as I had my Ascent i's, Theater i, and my Descent. I had heard the 'Aeon's and the 'Clarity's, too. I was not disappionted, I was and am over joyed by the Script i's beautiful sounds. I had to play with them alot and finially found a mounting technique, that would work for my small HT room... I had to use my imagination when mounting my, Script i's. Script i's size and shape allows them to be mounted non traditionally, if needed, as you can see in my system (#57). They are truly fantastic surround (Mid) speakers. I highly recommend them... :)

Additionally, IMHO, I think, 'Paradigm', is an excellent company. In fact, I just recently purchased a, "Anthem Statement P5", amplifier, made by the Paradigm, Canadian company.

Bottom line, I highly recommend an all ML speaker system. It is homiogenic and the electrostatic speakers sound sooooo beautiful together. :D :D

What ever you deside to do...'trust your ears'.
Having said that IMHO, remember - you can trust Martin Logan electrostatic speakers, to be the very best sounding speakers on the planet. :D