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I currently have a pair of Clarity's(front) Cinema I (center), Mosaics(surrounds) and an old pair of indoor/outdoor Advents for my surround backs. My sytem is powered by the following:

Denon 4802R(Processor)
B&K 7 channel reference amp(200watts per channel)
Sony 60 inch LCD 3 lenses
Monster Power center(2600)

I am looking for a good pair of book shelf speakers for my surround back. the smaller the better. I was looking at polks lsi/9 or Lsi7's. Any help here is appreciated. :)
ML Fresco's or Script i's...


IMHO, you should consider, the extra exspence and long term quality, by choosing an all ML speaker system... :D

Fresco's or Script i's, are excellent for, 'Rear Surround' speakers, and the good part is that, your ML's will blend seamlessly with all of your other ML speakers... :D

I highly recommend, an all ML speaker system, for HT. An all ML, homeogenic speaker system, brings a glorious, beautiful, ML sonic imaging to your entire system. IMHO, ML speakers are the very best speakers ever made. But in the finial anyalisis, "Trust your ears", are words to live by. ;)


I agree with Robin, the script i's are very good surround speakers. You'd be amazed how much audio information is completely lost through small bookshelf speakers, especially in SACD's and 5.1 dvd audio.
Everyone....Remember we are talking about REAR SURROUNDS and not Surrounds. Surrounds are for 5.1(front, center and surrounds), and Rear Surrounds are for 7.1 (front, center, surrounds, and rear surrounds). Almost all movies are 5.1 (yes there are few true 7.1 but not many) and when you have a 7.1 modes like PLIIx it will synthesise to add to the two Rear Surrounds. And for audio, SACD and DVD-A, is 5.1, 3 Channel (MLP, and RCA stuff), or just plain stereo.

So with this in mind, I am not sure how important or how much of an improvement one will get by adding Scripts or Fresco's for the 7.1 Rear Surrounds. For myself, I guess I would have to hear it to see if the difference was worth the cost.

I say try to stick with the ESL series. The frescos and others have their own timbre and attitude that they add. To me, it would be annoying trying to blend them together.

But go with ML all the way around. ESL's are distinctive and anything different will stand out IMO.

Dominick in New Jersey