From Montis to Salon 2's to Goldenear Triton One's (My speaker journey is here)

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Hi, I auditioned the T-1's and wasn't impressed at all. I was using my old DCM TimeWindow 7's and they were much better than the 1's in my opinion (17 year old caps and all)! Anyway, I bought a used pair of ML Ethos, and it's night and day even without tweaking them - while other factors may be at play (associated equipment and such), I cannot see the T 1's contending with the ML Ethos, Montis, or Summits.
Hola. Here are some benefits that make the ML electrostatic speaker a clear winner:
1) Big radiating area.
2) There is no need for tweeters
3) The crossover point is very important. The coherence is outstanding due to this crossover point. No phase problems with the mid range and the tweeter speakers. Only one crossover point. The blend with the woofer and the stat panel is near perfect.
4) The panel's diaphragm weights less than the air that it moves!!! Its the fastest driver on Mother Earth.
5) The sense of like live music on your room is palpable.
6) No ear fatigue
7) The heart of the musician(s) is projected in your room with a lifelike performance.
8) The most transparent, crystal clear highs, with the right amount of energy on every musical instrument.
9) Silky strings, with air at the brass, with right timbre at the percussion, good bass response, the best speaker for what you paid and what you got!!!! Usually, speakers costing 4 times more, do not offer the quality of what ML is providing in general terms.
10) The stage is outstanding too.
I really love ML sound! Happy listening!

You hit the nail on the head, Roberto. I have also heard the Tritons and they are fantastic all-around speakers. But when it comes to reproducing human voice and strings, nothing can touch ML. I find it amusing how some are trying to convert us with so much conviction. Do they not know that most of us are abreast of the latest speaker technology/brands and trends that are coming out? Believe me, I am comparing my Theos with a modest upstream electronics to setups costing several times more in so called hi-end shops. The Theos come out victorious. I do have a great pride of ownership in my Theos.
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