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Hola Henry, Pura Vida!

The CLX will do best in a larger room, but smaller ones could be made to work with enough acoustic treatments.

As for ideal, I'd guess that 20' wide by 30' deep would work best, but even a 16' wide room could do.

Homes in CR are usually concrete and very reverberant, so some acoustic treatment will be required regardless.
Tell us more about the proposed room.

I was just in CR a few weeks ago visiting friends and family, as I was born and lived there until 1984.
Hello Henry,
I'm Brad. My room is 16' x 24' x 9'-6". Heavily treated acoustically.
Reach out to member, Roberto, here, if you don't already know him. He lives in San Jose, Costa Rica and is an ML dealer.
His room is smaller I believe. Wealth of knowledge.