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Mar 6, 2005
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I just found this product which I am very excited about. It is a double sided tape which will stick anything to anything but it's made for rubber membrane roofs.

I'm sure there is an audio use for it, I'm using it on my hovercraft.


EternaBond uses, from the packaging: EPDM, TPO, Hypalon, Most PVC's, Modified, All Metals, Tile, Stone, Brick, Concrete and Wood.

The display I found this on was a rubber roof sheet material which was bonded to aluminum flashing/gutter. I tried to peel off the rubber from the metal, got just a small corner of it up, could go no further - big gooey mess of mastic like out of a Sci-Fi horror movie, it just would not let go.

It's not cheap, a 2" x 50ft roll will set you back $40-$50, and not found at the big box stores, only at professional roof supplier outlets.

So what's your handyman's friend? Do you have something, a tool perhaps, which you use on your house, your car and your stereo which you want to share?


I already have a tip on using this product. It is somewhat temperature sensitive, much easier to work with cool than warm. When warm it gets softer and stickier.

When cool it is firm, easier to cut with a box cutter blade (must be fresh and sharp) and easier to get a hold of the clear plastic liner. I think for most uses it will be just as good 1" wide as the stock 2" wide, cutting it down it's length in easy to use strips.

I think I'll be storing it in the refrigerator the day before I plan to use it and keep it out of the sun when using it.

I should say that this is not a "tape" in the true sense. It is a flattened bead of mastic. There is no weave or fiber backing to it - just goop.

EDIT - 2:
This stuff loses strength when exposed to 120-140 degree temperatures for any length of time. Acts like sticky gum on a sidewalk in full sun in late July. Keep away from south facing windows and tube amps!
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