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Dec 27, 2004
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Feet/Spike Tweaks
Posted by zanash on February 26, 2003 at 12:41:00:
Tweaks for Aerius i mkII
"...we have a laminate floor and therefore spikes are definately frowned upon. The speakers came with little button feet, and whilst providing a tilt mechanism, I cold not help thinking that they were affecting the sound. So after finding out the thread size, 1/4 inch width worth [if memory serves]. I looked around for suitable alternatives. In the UK there's a store called wilco's that a cheap hardware store. Selling all sorts of goodies, including small round domed hard wood cupboard door handles! So with a bit of work and some epoxy resin, I glued the bolts to the base of the knobs.... A new set of feet for the pair of speakers, and they sound better to, the sound is some how more natural. It had the same effect as the first time I spiked a pair of speakers. So if you have not invested in those very expensive cone feet [ well there damn expensive over here] why not give it a go !! "
Aeruis I's on spikes

One thing that i found out, I have a carpet situation..and i didnt want to overly damage the carpet, so i took a teflon? cutting board, which just happened to PERFECTLY fit my speakers..and put it under the speaker, then had a friend who just happens to cut the same kind of material cut me another custom sized one to fit the speaker precisely. I find no matter what now, the bass is quite nice and tight as the speakers sit nicely on the board. a nice cheap $1 way to improve your sound, at least for a carpet solution :) dunno about hardwood though.
wooden floor

A simple tweak that works for me. A wooden plank in a softwood eg balsa, 1"x 16"x20", with the spiked Odysseys sitting atop. You can check the picture under system #61. Protects the wooden floor. May not work with a thickly carpeted floor. Alternately, a thick acrylic sheet would be equally effective.