Favorite recording to center "sweet spot"

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I noticed that not all recordings put the main performer dead center in the soundstage. I catch myself leaning to one side or the other. Or if I adjust the speakers, other recordings seem off.

Can anyone recommend a recording that allows you to center your ML's perfectly? Are there any test CD's out there that serve this purpose?
Any mono recording... Or set your pre-amp on mono. Or use an Y-connector and connect one output of your preamp to the two inputs on your power amp. Anything to get a mono signal.
center image

try using the toe in tweak it really works, suggested by Jim Powers of M/L
Something that I've tried that works pretty well, is using the hissing sound on my FM tuner. If you have an FM tuner, just tune in to a frequency that's between any active stations. The "hiss" that kinda sounds like pink noise works surprisingly well to get a good center image from your speakers.