Dvorak - Symphony No. 9 'New World'

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Jan 18, 2005
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La Rochelle (France)
Antonin Dvorak
Symphony No 9 in E Minor Op. 95 'New World', Netherlands Philarmonic Orchestra Amsterdam, conducted by Yakov Kreizberg
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This Dvorak's masterpiece has always been one of my favorite classical compositions. Its majesty, its mix of power and quietness, its grace is so precious when you are stressed and doubtful. Easy to understand - you can easily follow the composer's feelings and emotions just by closing your eyes and let your mind follow his path - I discovered the 'New World' symphony when I was a teen.

Since then, I've always been chasing the perfect recording. First in LP's, then in CD's, and now in SACD's. When I first listened to that recording, I really had a shock...

It might not be the very best interpretation I've ever heard, but it's not far from it. A lot of emotion, subtlety in both direction and interpretation. But there was far more than just that.

It was the first multi-channel SACD I've ever heard that was convincing as far as symphonic music is concerned. None of the effects that could be heard on the rear speaker ever seem artificial... they are just natural. The dynamic of the recording allow you to listen to sounds and silence with equal pleasure. The instruments are real, just in front of you, their positioning is unbelievable...

I've recommended to some of my friends, who are not possessing any SACD-compatible equipment. They confirmed that the PCM track is as impressive as the DSD one is.

In other words, an outstanding recording for the amateurs, a perfect introduction to classic music and a reference for SACD demos. :cool:

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