Does anyone have the schematics for the CLS-I (& Kinergetic subs) electronics box

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May 6, 2023
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Bend, OR
A few years ago M.L. Replaced the panels on my CLS-I speakers, and at the time I asked Ron about the option of working on the electronics boxes should the time ever come to need. He told me that they no longer have the parts to fix the electronics, so I am wondering if anyone has schematics that would allow me to get them serviced in the future should something fail.

And related, I also have Kinergetic subs which were billed as a perfect mate to the M.L. speakers. Unfortunately that company has been out of business for decades. Their crossover box is an integral part of the speaker system but I have yet to find any detailed information on the (feed-forward) circuitry except the drawings and description in their patent filing. That box is a single point of failure for the subs, so I am wondering if anyone has technical specs on the crossover box.

Many Thanks,

If nobody here chimes in I would shoot Ron an Email, although they might not have the parts they almost always have the schematics to give out.

I've even gotten schematics for speakers I don't even own.