Do you, or Don't you NAC ???????????

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Those of you who have NAC ... "Aeon i and Clarity owners" anyone else if I missed a model, do you use the rear tweeter and your thoughts on this feature.
Don't use it on Clarity. I find it very distracting. I have been able to setup my speakers such that directionality is not a problem for the primary listening areas, so I don't really need it.
Interesting observation. . .

For me, it depends. If it's just me listening I frequently switch it off. If there are plenty of people round, I turn it on.

Here's the interesting thing - NAC makes a much bigger impact when I play Vinyl than when I've got CD / DVD playing. With vinyl, it's worth turning on. With CD, it's a questionable impact!


No for me. I think it takes away from that ML sound and warmth esp. w/tubes. I also think it takes away from the imaging
depends a lot of your liking...

Hola chicos. I think (with all respect) that it depends a lot of your liking and also your room. In my experience, some rooms eat a lot the high frequency energy and the add of a tweeter firing to the speaker's back and pointing to the ciling, opens the sound and image. Helps to open the scenario. But I think definitively, depends a lot of your room. If you don't like them, it is o.k. too. Trust your ears and liking. In some rooms, also, I have notice that if it is too bright, you need to disconnect them, the transparency is more evident without the tweeters, but what do you want? What do you like? Again, depends on your liking. The ones that have tweeter, play with them, playing solo music, will be much easer to tell and try to image the scenario with and without them, then choose the ones that you like most!
Happy listening, trust your ears!
Always with video, rarely with digital audio and never, never, never with vinyl.
Thanks Everyone !!!!
I was to hear if you were missing anything by not using it, I believe David mentioned he used it only when people were around. Which is exactly what I thought you might say... if you can sit in the sweet spot "who needs it" but when moving around or when others are over it gets a "maybe". If anyone has more to say if would love to hear it.