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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Title: Die Hard - "The Ultimate Collection" (DVD)
Year of Release: 2001
Film Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Genre: Action

I am assuming, everyone reading this review, would already know the stories, from having seen these, three great action films... So, I will limit my review, to how these movies have been produced and presented in this, "The Ultimate Collection", on DVD.

The first film, "Die Hard":
It differentiates from the other two films, in that, "Die Hard" is a "Five Star Collection", double disc DVD. The first disc is the film. The second disc is a 'Bonus Features' disc, with a few more special features i. e., DVD-ROM Links and Game Demos & Script to Screen Comparison, Branching Version with the extended Power Shutdown Scene Cut Back In, Full length screenplay, Still Gallery, and more...

The second film, "Die Hard 2: Die Harder" and
The third film (last in this 'Ultimate Collection'), "Die Hard with a Vengeance", are double disc, "Special Editions", which means the first disc is the, 'Film'. The second disc has all of the 'Bonus Features', which includes 3 - 4 featurettes. Deleted scenes etc.
On the "Die Hard with a Vengeance" - Bonus disc, their is an "Alternate Ending", which I wish had been included, on this DVD of the film, as an extended version, but unfortunately it was not. This alternative ending is well worth seeing though...
"Die Hard with a Vengeance", is my personal favorite film of the three movies. The comradery / chemistry, between Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis is great. Also, I think, Jeremy Irons is wonderful as the Bad guy you love to hate.

Once again, I enjoyed the improved sound tracks and the wide screen (2.35:1) all of these films are presented in... All three, of the films in this 'Ultimate Collection', are presented in, "THX / DTS" Sound. The much improved sound quality of, "THX / DTS" soundtrack, plays wonderfully over all of my ML speakers. :D

I realize, that with this collection of 'Die Hard' films, as well as, all of the films I have been reviewing lately, maybe dated very soon, as it seems, only a matter of time before the movie studio's will be coming out, with newer more technologically advanced, Hi-Definition DVD's, or other technologies (Mini-Disc or, Holographic design), or even more advanced in the more distant future. But I figure, 'what the heck'..., I own these films, so I'll review, what I like about these current DVD's, at the present time, anyway... :D

I have watched these, "Die Hard" films, a good many times, and I have purchased them many times, i. e., VHS, Laser Disc, and twice on DVD, but this "Ultimate Collection is the very best, currently on the market. I guess, I just never tire of the trilling action and fun thrills, these films provide. The "Die Hard - Ultimate Collection", continues the thrill ride...

It's an expensive hobby but I just love it... :D




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