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Jan 1, 2005
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Over the past year I have performed many cleaning options on my Sequel II's. While all of this is in the archives, I thought I would make a new post here on the new site for others to read and share (and it will be easier to find):

Cleaning Sequel II Electronics:

What Jim Powers would like me to do first is, remove the electronics from the speakers (obviously unplugging the speakers first, and letting them sit so all power discharges from them. I have to state this step to make sure others reading know about the capcitance of the speaker and the possibility of getting shocked if you don't let them discharge) and clean the electonics up real well. Jim Powers instructed me to take the two circuit boards apart and spray them with Windex and scrub them down real well with an old toothbrush (one that I would not want to use again!!) paying special attention to connection points. Jim stated that some of the shinny substance on the circuit board may bubble a bit from the Windex and the cleaning but that would be ok. Make sure the circuit boards are dry, before putting back together.

Cleaning Sequel II Panels:

Side panel molding comes off panel by tapping up on the bottom, and then they unlock. Stat Panel is connected to electronics at bottom, so before removing side molding, disconnect from electronics. Then panels will remove from speaker as they are held on by velcro.

For the shower, if you have a removable shower head, even better. Have it warm, but not too warm. Watch water strength, as it will be more of a rinse off then a power wash :) Take whole panel and wash off both sides - I did about 3-5 minutes per side, covering every inch up and down, back and forth, then dry on each side with fans for one hour per side. I had two fans running, one high up and one low to cover the whole panel sufficiently. Turn panel over (top to bottom) after 30 min on each side so water does not accumulate in spar areas of the panel. Turn around and dry other side same way. Hold up to window and look for moisture.

Put speaker back together and test.

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