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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Artist: Bill Evans Trio
Title: Everybody Digs Bill Evans (Original Recording Remastered)
Year of Release: 1997
Record Label: JVC / XRCD
Genre: Jazz

The cover of this superlative jazz CD, says it all, let me take the time to quote them… “I sure learned a lot from Bill Evens. He plays the piano the way it should be played.” – Miles Davis. “Bill Evans is one of the most refreshing pianists I have heard in years.” –George Shearing. “I think Bill Evans is one of the finest.” –Ahmod Jamal. “Bill Evans has rare original and taste and the even rarer ability to make his conception of a number seem the definitive way to play it.” –Julian “Cannonball” Adderley.

The Bill Evans Trio recorded this masterpiece, in December 1958. The other talented members of the ‘Trio’ are, Sam Jones on bass and Philly Joe Jones on drums. This recording was one of, Bill Evans first times, as leader. Just prior to the release of this recording, Bill Evans had been playing in various jazz bands, learning and developing his style. Most notably with, "The Miles Davis Sextet", in the company of follow jazz greats, John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley.

My favorites on this CD are, the three piano solo’s by Bill Evans, himself: “Lucky to Be Me”, “Epilogue”, and my absolute best tune on this CD, “Peace Piece”. The beautiful melody of, “Peace Piece”, is just so profoundly remarkable, amazing and inspired. As an aside: “Peace Piece” was used in the romantic comedy film, “Corina Corina”, starting, Whoopi Goldberg. All I can say, is that after a long day, at work I love to sit back and listen to “Everybody Digs Bill Evans”, and I always feel so much more relaxed. It always makes me feel better... :D




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Robin, I just purchased this CD on eBay. Can't wait to hear it! Thanks for the recommendation. :music:
Yes like many albums, this is a good one. I seem to have a problem with my cd as it distorts, not sure if it's part of the recording or it's my cd.

Other recommended Bill Evans discs:

- Waltz for Debby and Live at the Village Vanguard, both audiophile and musical classics

- The Paris Concert, Editions One and Two: Said to be his last recording, at a time when he was becoming more outgoing in his character and his playing. I have the LP version of Edition One and it's a stunning work of art. His playing here is sublime, on an even higher plane than on the Village Vanguard discs, imho. Edition Two is on my hunting list.
45rpm LP Version

If you have an analogue rig the AcousTech Mastering LP version of this at 45rpm is quite remarkable as well.