Aretha Franklin- Live at Filmore West

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Feb 11, 2005
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Artist - Aretha Franklin
Title- Live at Filmore West
Year of Release-December 14, 1993
Record Label-Rhino / Wea
Genre- other
Detailed review of recording- When Aretha Franklin recorded 1971's LIVE AT FILLMORE WEST, she was backed by a group of veteran session musicians on a mix that included interpretations of popular songs and some of her trademark numbers. Franklin makes Stephen Stills' "Love The One You're With" her own with the help of Billy Preston's joyous organ work, while Bread's saccharine "Make It With You" is injected with a healthy shot of sexy sassiness.

Franklin's underrated piano playing and a healthy display of her gospel roots make FILLMORE a special recording in Lady Soul's vast canon. Franklin's skill on the eighty-eights particularly shines on her swinging treatment of the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" and the jubilant "Don't Play That Song." Franklin also plays electric piano on "Dr. Feelgood," and from this point on she turns Bill Graham's hall into a Baptist church. The call-and-response of her background singers and King Curtis' skillful band-leading/saxophone playing lead up to the high point where she brings Ray Charles out for the reprise of the testimonial "Spirit In The Dark" followed by the uplifting "Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)."


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Do you have this on vinyl or CD? Sounds like a great recording to have! I knew Aretha had the chops on the piano, but I've only seen glimpses here and there.



Unquestionably, this is a great LP. I have this on vinyl. I only wish living here in New York, I was there to see it. But this was in my teen years, and I was not hip to the Village scene yet, and all the clubs and hot spots that I visited a couple of years later. My favorite Aretha recording of all time.

Now, does anyone know if this has been released on a high rez, like DVD - A or SACD? My album is pretty old, scratched, and needs some life. It has gotten much play on my first turntable, a Dual 1229 with a Shure V - 15 Type III cartridge.
Wonderful analog!!!
Vintage Turnatbles

I remember those fine turntables. I still search for the Dual 721 and will probably buy one eventually. I was a BIC guy back then, owning several different models but it seemed teh Dual and BIC were teh most readily available and Shure and Stanton/ Pickering cartridges were heavily promoted. Good stuff!