anyone try velodyne dd series subs?

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Anthony A.

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Jan 2, 2005
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has anyone done a direct comparison between say a velodyne dd10 with an ml depth? i am torn between the two. the velodyne is unbelievabe good, and the management/room correction software it provides is priceless. i know the ml sounds very close to ml speakers since it is the same manufacturer, but how do the dd series subs match with ml speakers?
I can not completely answer that one. I did listen to the Velodyne sub but I can not remember the model and it was nice but I remember it being large 12 or 15 inch speaker and well over 2k. I was not really impressed with it in general. I would say that I did not walk away with the "wow"factor. The management software is a great idea but to me it is something you may do once or twice and not do it again unless you reconfigure a room or move to a new one.
That being said, I just purchased a Depth about a month ago. I noticed a difference right away and the more I play it the better it seems to "gel" with the rest of my system. The fact that the woofers are servo controlled and at different angles within the cabint to remove resonance within the cabinet is a nice feature. Right now you really have to listen to be able to pinpoint when it is active and so far I am the only one who can tell because I know where it cutsoff. :)
I think there are other subs you can also look at like the Rel, SVS and some others but you need something that is "fast" enough to keep up with the ML's. I had an old M&K and it just was never fast enough

I hope this helps just a bit

Did you listen to the Velodyne in your own room and fully tweaked? Else making observations about a subwoofer are rather pointless...

I think the Velodynes are definitely up there with the subs from ML, which are not cheap either... I think the eq functionality of the Velodynes is priceless and indeed, they do not impress with a "wow"-factor, like any good sub should...
No I did not get the opportunity to listen to the Velodyne in my own room and I am sure they would have sounded much better than in the dealer's showroom. I agree that without that type of comparison it is pointless to make judgements. The point I was making is that I felt the Depth was better for my environment, CLSiiZ's and Sewquel II's. Maybe I was a bit tired last night went I wrote it.

My apologies to anyone I confused.

Jeff :rolleyes:
I don't think you are wrong to expect a dealer to optimally set up his sub in the showroom. If he cannot make it sound right there, he is either a poor dealer or the sub is problematic. I expect the sub to sound good at the showroom and even better at home. Not unrealistic in my opinion.
Velodyne makes one of the best subs on the market ML does not. ML makes ESL speakers not quality subs.
I own a small Velodyne sub, the F-1000, which is a 10" 80 watt servo controlled sub, which I purchased with my previous speakers. When I switched to the Claritys I spent a goodly amount of time adjusting the woofer, both in level, x-over and placement. Result: The woofer is placed outside of the right speaker, about 5-6 inches behind the front of the speaker. The Claritys are run full range, the x-over in the sub caused a loss of clarity (hah!), the Velodyne is rolled in at about 40 to 45hz with the level control set at ~4 to 5. Sonically this is an exceptional combo. Switching the sub in and out adds a sense of weight and impact to the sound of the Clarity without drawing attention to the sub itself. The woofer disappears into the sound of the Claritys. I am planning on adding another F-1000 as I feel that bass is and should be reproduced in stereo. Also, a second sub allows the system to move more air, play at higher volumes and is less taxing on the internal amps.

The newer unit should be a great match for your speakers. Borrow one, take it home, set it up correctly, and judge for yourself.

I am running this sub with my ascents and the bass is excellent, deep and fits nice with my room and set up. I wish i actually had got the larger in this series but the hG10 is just fine. It compliments the ML's well and sounds integrated with the music.
Kevin said:
Velodyne makes one of the best subs on the market ML does not. ML makes ESL speakers not quality subs.

You are entitled to your opinion like anyone, but your statement is ONLY opinion and nothing else. Plenty of consumers and professional reviewers have nothing but praise for the ML line of subs. Why do I suspect that you own a Velo?? ;)

I have a DD-18 mated with a pair of Prodigy in a 7.1 environment. I am really impressed with the combo. The DD are completely customizable from the "tightness" of the servo to the room EQ. The EQ feature is really impressive and allow you to visuallize your room sonically and adjust any node that you may have. I was a bit reluctant to go with the 18in but the volume of my room allow it. OK how does it sound? For me, one word, outstanding. The bass is very tight, well defined, acurate and with ample of headroom. I have never heard the ML subs so I can't really compare but I would recommend the DD serie without hesitations. Let me know if you need more.


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Do the high end Velo subs have decent finishes or do they use the same piece of *&$# roll on veneer that the lower end subs use? Also, do they use a plastic front/rear baffle as well?

I demoed a velo sub from the Good Guys this past December before I decided to build my own. I don't remember the model, but it was a 10" for 1200 bucks if that helps at all. Sounded pretty good, but build quality was horrid.