Any guitar players out there?

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Jan 6, 2005
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I'm gonna pick up a guitar and teach myself how to play, but need some suggestions on what brands have a decent sound - on a students budget.


You might consider going to your professional music store and asking them if they have rental agreements for a year, or so. You'll be able to practise on a better guitar at a minimal cost.

Then after the year, if you're still serious and have improved some, you can trade it in and get a better one of your own.
what style of guitar?...

Hola Muad'Dib. I studied for over 14 years classical guitar. There are several styles of guitars, like Flamenco, Spain, Classical, electric, folk...the fingerboard are different in size and the width and bars (frets) are different too. It depends a lot of the type of music that you would like to play. Go to any guitar's store and there, you will have the guide of what are you looking for. Also, the Method and Learning in books nowdays are very easy to understand. Hope this can help!
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Check the action of the instrument (the height of the strings over the fingerboard.) If the strings are not easy to press to the fingerboard you will have a difficult time with the instrument. Gibson, Martin, Guild, Fender, etc. are brands you might want to consider, but they are expensive. You are probably looking at a $500 investment, at least.
Don't forget this

If and when you get your guitar and start playing it just remember your fingers will be sore and tender at first but they will get better the more you play, sounds strange doesn't it? ;)
I'm not very good at all, but bought my first guitar in my second year of college about 13 years ago. I have pretty much given up and refocused on listening through Logans rather than playing myself. My first guitar was an Alvarez artist series for around $200. I bought it in Clearwater at Seminole music. It was almost imposible to play, but it looked the nicest for what I could afford. Around 98 or 99, I got a Gibson Montana EC10 brand new off of ebay. It's a very easy to play electirc acoustic. It is a black cutaway with abalone inlay around the sound hole and I believe MOP dots on the fretboard, but they could be abalone too. The guitar trade on ebay is abundant. I think you could find a good deal there for a nice guitar. Actually, I would probably be interested in selling mine to fund my audiophile interests. It is not perfect, but I would say excellent--at least very good. It would make a great beginner guitar. I remember Ovations being easy to play, they have rounded plastic backs. My first choices would be Taylor, Martin, or Gibson.
Playing Guitar is great fun...


I resurrected your old thread, as I just wanted to see, if you ever picked-up a guitar and learned to play? Also, wanted to comment on what, playing the guitar has meant to me. Hopefully, in this way, I might inspire you, or others to start playing or keep playing, which ever the case may be...

My older sister, turned me on to classical guitar, when I was 16 years old. She showed me a few simple cords and talked with me about playing the guitar. She showed me how to tune the guitar and I was hooked. :D

I then, obtained a beginning guitar "Cords" book, from a friend, which showed photo's of all the basic guitar cords. Displaying, how to finger most of the basic guitar cords. Well, I started teaching myself to play. After a couple of years, I was'nt too bad... I have been playing the guitar ever since, and it's been so relaxing to unwhind, and just sing and play, most of my favorite songs. I have now, accumulated quite a selection, of easy guitar books. I have books from, "Woodstock" to "Three Dog Night" to "The Moody Blues and many, many more. I never got into memorizing all of the songs, in-point-of-fact, I never memorize the songs, I typically play. I use the books, and just read, the words and music , as I play and sing.

Over the years, I have collected verious guitars too. I have an "Imperia", classical guitar. I have an "Takamani - Jasmine" accustic / electric guitar. And, I have a "Gibson, Studio-Lite" electric guitar. They all have hard cases and I keep them is excellent condition. The Gibson is really beautiful. It's electric blue in color and more importantly, it sounds fantastic! The Gibson, has such wonderful sustain and tone, for an electric guitar. It is made of maple, but it has a 'chromium core', which makes it less than half, the weight of a regular Gibson electric guitar, and makes it so much easier to hold and play. It is great fun to play all of these different guitars. I play on and off now for family, friends, and myself, but mostly, I play because I love music and it relaxes me.

I hope, you have purchased a guitar and are playing for your family, friends and yourself, as well.... Playing the guitar is truely a wonderful and enjoyable pastime... :D



How much are you looking to spend and what type of guitar? There are many types and manufacturers out there.

I've played a nice fender 6 string for under $200 at a local music store when I was helping a friend in your same situation.

For around $250 you can get a Baby Taylor (high end manufacturer) or several entry level models from the likes of Epiphone, Ibanez, Takamine, etc.

For closer to $500 you can find a Big Baby Taylor, entry level Martins, and better models from the same companies as the $250 range.

Good luck, hope you can find something nice. Of course, there is always eBay. I bought a $3000 Taylor there, it was perfect...