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:confused: hi there

just got a pair of quest z.
need to know what tube amp works well?
looking at manley 350,ARC clasic 150,and caryv12i.
all are mono.
or any other amps?

thanks alex :
For my ML ReQuests, I've tried ARC, Cary V12i/R (all stereo versions) and found that I like the Cary V12R best. ARC VT-series (100 & 200) were too far on the hi-fi (dry, sterile) side. Cary V12i had potential in terms of sweetness, but the V12R with the 12BZ7 input tube (vs 6922) and the beefed up choked input stage brought it to a whole new performance level. More dynamic & focused than the V12i. Due to size constraints, I went with the AES SixPacs monoblocs and am VERY happy with the combination. Hope this helps.

Spike,doesn't your amp only put out 60w? How can they drive your stats? Are your highs rolled off?
With the SixPacs driving full-range, I was able to get 97 db registered on my SPL meter at my listening position 12' away, without really pushing the amps. I did that to get an idea of what these amps can do. In my applications, I'm running the SixPacs on my panels only (180 Hz - 20kHz). The bass is handled with my trusty old Classe' CA300. I have pictures and descriptions of my system in the members system area.

Sky Saw said:
How do you deal with the differences in gain between the SixPacs and the Classe?

In my setup, I asked Dennis to build a high-quality adjustable stereo attenuator box for me to "balance" the gains between the amplifiers (by ears or by SPL meter). This way, it's "adjustable" to the amount of bass the user wants and it's not meant to be scientific at all. You can notice the little silver box sitting on top of the Classe' CA300 on the bottom rack in my system pictures.

For a hard-core, scientific solution, if you know approximately the amount of db to attenuatre, there are a number of fixed solutions:

1) Rothwell inline attenuator.

2) In-line attenuator & cross-over from Parts Express:

3) Ultimate Attenuators from EVS: