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Amanda McBroom
A Timeless Thing
2004 Gecko Records
Genre: Cabaret/Lounge/Jazz
Available at: CDBaby

Artist info: Amanda has been called "The greatest cabaret performer of her generation, an urban poet who writes like an angel and has a voice to match."

Cover Image:

General Info:
Amanda McBroom first came to the attention of the music public when Bette Midler's version of Amanda's song THE ROSE hit number one all over the world in 1979. But it was Amanda's performance of her own song on the Golden Globes (she won), Grammys (she didn't) and The Tonight Show that launched her career as a singer as well as songwriter.

Musical Critique:
While this CD is very hard to catalogue it belongs in the Female Jazz Vocal genre more than anything. And it happens to be probably the most luscious recording of its kind! Terrific songwriting and Amanda's perfect phrasing come to life on any worthwhile system. In my system this CD has become a must play whenever anyone visits. I dare anyone NOT to like this album. I have bought 6 to send out for Christmas gifts this year - It is that good!

Sound Quality:
When I put on the disc and press play... Wow !!! So natural... the recording was so smooth and live-like...So Dimensional and Musical. Previously all my discs were treated with Auric illuminator and JSMR CD upgrade, but this disc does not even need treatment to sound a million bucks. Very impressive recording. More natural than my Amanda XRCD24 FIM disc... This one is 'tonality' correct, the XRCD24 version wanted to sound analogue.

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Available at: CDBaby
I haven't heard of this disk, but will be looking for it, thanks for the tip.

I have two of her much older releases on Sheffield Records. "Growing Up In Hollywood Town" is near legendary in Audiophile circles and one of the first audiphile albums I ever bought. "The Rose" is rendered in very good fashion on this album. What's weird about it is that I was listening to it just a few days ago, right before I saw your post and I was wondering what ever happened to her.
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Audiostone, Thanks for the heads up. I too have the "Holloywood Town" alblum but had all but forgotten about her !! My mistake, time to make up for it !