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Frank K.

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Jan 17, 2005
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some days ago I bought a pair of Aerius i on for my friend who has
this dream since a long time. The speakers are the US version - 120 V.
Does anyone know how to convert the voltage to 230 V without paying for
original boards from ML. I'm not shure whether there is the 50/60 Hz problem
like with the new ML speakers.

Thanks, Frank
Check for a thread here about a person buying Summit's in the US and bringing them over to Europe and what he had to do.

Thanks Dan,

I know this person and had contact with him. But his problem was different because the 50/60 Hz issue. I was able to give him assistance to solve this
In my case I would like to find an inexpansive way to convert the Aeruis i for
my friend. I don't like the idea to have transformers in the AC line. There is
always a little danger in case of AC interruptions and reconnections.
My idea was that perhaps a member of this forum knows the internal wiring.
Sometimes it's just a different connection at the transformer inside the speaker
(like for an example the EXOS crossover from the Statement e2).

I suppose that the Aerius has a high-voltage board in regular ML style.
So you probably have two jumpers (configurable A and B) that configures the primary side (winding) of the transformer on the hv-board. That should be enough...
(On the old hv-board versions, these jumpers configured the primary winding on the transformer, so I assume that the later versions also does.)

It's not really a 50/60Hz issue. Jumpering the transformer should be enough as long as primary winding on the transformer is made for 120/240V.
Write down the name/label of the transformer and try looking it up on the internet or an electronics store to see if it has a primary winding made for 120/240V.

I have the same issue with my Quest-Z. They are configured for 9-12V AC, but I've been studying hv-boards from a 240V version and they are identical.
I haven't verified the transformer though... I would also like to reconfigure my speakers to work with 240V directly instead of having the external 9V AC transformer.

Please let me know the results... :)

Attached is the hv-board for ML Quest-Z configured for 240V (not my hv-board though!)

// Lars


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Thanks, XyloFoam !

I will let you know about the result. Right now I'm still waiting for the speakers.