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Does anyone have experience running Aerius with either Accuphase or Meridian amps, preamps, or integrateds? Sufficient power and sonic signature comments would be greatly appreciated. My room is relatively small (small living room). Thanks.
My brother runs Meridian monoblocks (805?) and matching preamp with his Aerius'. The sound is warm and sweet, almost tubelike. Perhaps not as much air as with tubes, but the amps have no trouble driving the Aerius' as loud as you would want. Based on his system, which sounds great, I would not hesitate to match Meridians with Aerius'.
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mmmmm.... Accuphase amps....

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The best Japan has to offer, IMHO. Heard them YEARS ago when I was stationed in Japan. WOW. Powerful, very detailed and Accuphase's philosophy is quite simply to spare no expense in making audio gear. I've never heard them with Logans, but I sure would love to.

Let us know what you find.

I have a set of ML Clarity driven by a Meridian 558 multi channel amp which I use for side/rear. It sounds great. The 558 is a 200w/ch with lots of headroom and a very neutral sound. Paired with the clarity it is totally transparent. The bass is adequate for a side/rear but I also use a sub to complement. Hope this helps


I run mine off the Meridian 551 (Integrated) amp, no problems.

This gives a wonderfully smooth, but also highly detailed presentation of just about any material I throw at it. Don't be fooled by the apparently low power output of some Meridan amps - these amps have more current available than your MLs will ever need!



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